• Why Doesn't Your Solar Panel Produce Clean Water?


  • Hot & Getting Hotter

    (AKA Dry & Getting Drier)

    Water is our Most Precious Resource

    Why Waste it?

  • Solar WAstewater Purification (SWAP)

    It just makes sense. Uncooled solar panels lose efficiency, longevity and cause a heat island effect raising ambient temperatures. Ener's SWAP technology integrates wastewater-fed cooling behind existing or new PV systems, addressing heat islands and improving the performance and life of the PV, and produces distilled water as a product.


    Time to SWAP? Read on.

  • Simple, Elegant, Effective

    Deployed and tested in the high deserts of Los Alamos, New Mexico, our patent pending technology makes use of the waste heat from solar PV panels - improving the performance and life of the PV. Our system takes wastewater (runoff, cooling tower blowdown, production water, saline/seawater, etc.) and produces enough potable water for a family per panel per day.

  • Do the Math, it just

    Makes Sense

    For instance, Gallup, NM recently completed a 9.8 MW array. "The Allison Road solar farm is made up of nearly 29,000 panels in a single-axis tracker array. The Gallup farm is expected to generate more than 20 million kWh annually and could provide nearly 10 percent of the city’s energy use, according to reports." Placing an Ener SWAP unit under each panel would clean 1.45 million L/day, add millions more kWh of power and extend the life of the PV cells.

  • Water from PV? Absolutely.

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    Nicholas Seet